How to Buy Bitcoins

We will advise you how to buy Bitcoins with Popular payment methods in the world (e.g. Credit Card).

Before buying Bitcoins, you should have your own Bitcoin wallet and know how much Bitcoins you would buy:

To buy bitcoins, we advise you to use the one of 3 options as follows:

  • OPTION #1: (Recommend)
    1. Use this service to buy Bitcoins with one of popular major payment methods. Please read this tutorial, it is very easy to do.
    2. Withdraw bitcoins from your VirWox account to your own wallet.
  • OPTION #2:
  • OPTION #3:

When you have bitcoins in your wallet, please start an order on, select Bitcoin as your payment method, and make us a Bitcoin payment.


Please note that the amount of bitcoins for your order will automatically be updated every 10 minutes as the market price. You have to check and send the current amount of bitcoins to complete the order.